Do You Know Who Is Building Your Deck?

San Antonio Homeowners Can Rely On The
Proven Professionalism Of Paradise Decks & Spas

San Antonio Decks

There are a lot of decking companies in the San Antonio area.

But many are just a guy, a truck, a creased business card, and whatever crew of temporary workers he can put together.

And even the more established companies often lack important marks of professionalism like a showroom, a quality rating with the Better Business Bureau, and proper insurance.

Proof Of Professionalism


The best way to shop is to “eye it before you buy it”… and with our showroom you can do that! Only a very small percentage of San Antonio deck companies have a showroom. We invite you to come visit ours. (For more about our showroom, click here).

A Thought-Out Process

Our secret recipe for getting great results on every project is really not so secret. We simply have the systems and processes in place that allow us to be efficient and consistent. When deck and spa projects go wrong, it’s because the job has not been planned out in a step-by-step way. We eliminate that problem with our thorough process.

A+ Rated With The BBB

We’re happy to report that we have the Better Business Bureau’s highest possible rating: A+. The BBB is the best-known and most respected consumer watchdog organization in the country. To see more about our Reputation, please click here.

Properly Licensed & Insured

It is very important to hire a deck company with proper licensing and insurance. Did you know that if someone gets hurt working on your property and the company is not properly insured, the responsibility will likely have to be covered by your own homeowner insurance? Always go with a truly professional company.

You’ve found the right company. Call us to get started.