I PROMISE To Be Accountable To You.

Here’s Why I Give My Personal Cell Phone Number To Every Customer.

San Antonio Deck Builders

When I started Paradise Decks & Spas more than a decade ago, I wanted to grow it into something special. My goal was to establish a completely professional San Antonio deck company that homeowners could trust. I also wanted to grow my company and complete thousands of successful projects.

I’ve met those goals.

But I also know there is always a danger to growth and more projects. The personal service and commitment to delivering the best decks and spas could begin to slip as a company grows. I NEVER want that to happen to my company.

That’s the reason that I get on the phone with EVERY homeowner before their project starts and give them my personal cell phone number. I want all my customers to know that they can call me anytime and that I will never lose touch with the principles that have made us the top-quality deck company in San Antonio.

The other reason I do it is because it’s just the right thing to do. If you have a concern or are not satisfied with some aspect of your project, I’m the owner and the buck needs to stop here. It’s the honorable way to do business.

I’m accountable to you.

Rick Hogue, Founder & Owner of Paradise Decks & Spas