Swim Spas

Create Your Own Paradise with a Backyard Swim Spa

Imagine sitting in the mesmerizing warmth of a beautiful spa, surrounded by bubbling jets, good company, and your favorite drink. Here at Paradise Decks & Spas, we pride ourselves on making this relaxing dream a reality for each one of our customers. With our impressive selection of swim spas in San Antonio, you can select an option that will complement your home, bring your backyard to life, and give you a dreamlike paradise to enjoy in the comfort of your own space.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Certified CAL Spas

As a certified dealer of CAL spas, you will find a wide selection of various types of spas. The primary differences between the models include such specifications as size, amount of jets, seating arrangements, and number of seats. Our inventory is regularly updated to reflect changes in design to provide our customers with the highest quality product. Here are some of the models currently available:

Each of these spas come in a variety of colors and finishes. This gives you a chance to select a model that appeals to your tastes for design and style, and to choose one that will complement your property and fit well with your home. Here are some of the beautiful finishes you can choose between:

Benefits of Having Your Own Spa

Having a beautiful, customized spa in your own backyard comes with an impressive range of benefits. If you are looking for swim spas in San Antonio, we hope to help make your decision easier by sharing some of the most enjoyable advantages.

Make Your Dream a Reality

There is no better time than now to begin looking at swim spas in San Antonio so you can pick one of your own. Give us a call today at 210-496-3325 or 877-332-5960 and let Paradise Decks & Spas make your dream a reality.