We Don’t Tell You Who To Call.

We Have References You Can Really Trust.

Paradise Decks & Spas San Antonio Reputation

Before you do business with any decking and spa company, it’s important to talk to some of their past customers. References can give you a true picture of any company you’re considering hiring.

But there’s a problem.

Virtually every San Antonio decking company can come up with a small handful of references that are willing to say nice things about them.

But that’s not giving you a true picture of the company because the references are pre-selected for you. The deck is stacked.

To get a real picture of a company, you should be able to talk to any past customer without any filters.

And that’s exactly what we do at Paradise Decks & Spas.

If you ask us for references, we bring you into a file room that has all our former projects. You can pick files at random and we’ll let you use any of them as a reference.

Call them and ask them anything.

Were they happy with us?

Were there any problems? If so, how were they handled?

If they could do it over again, would they hire Paradise Decks & Spas again?

You decide who to call. You decide what to ask.

That’s the fair and honest way to give references, and that’s why we use this unique method.

Come visit us at our showroom to get started!