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Why Winter is the Perfect Time For a New Deck

Posted on December 20, 2018

New Deck Installation San Antonio

With the days getting shorter and the weather turning colder, it is no surprise that outdoor activities may be far from your mind. It can be hard to think about firing up the grill or throwing an amazing pool party when instead you feel like curling up inside with some hot cocoa and a good book or game. But if you want to take advantage of this time to improve your backyard, you should think - just a bit - about whether or not, now might be the best time to install that deck you've always been wanting. (Guess what? It is!) Although it may be surprising to you, the winter months are actually the perfect time to build a new deck for your San Antonio home. Here's why:

Cooler Weather is Better For the Wood

When you think about the weather in San Antonio over the summer, it can be hard to leave out the (sometimes oppressive) humidity that seems to permeate the air 24 hours a day. Most decks are constructed using a foundation of pressure treated wood, that cures itself as it gets installed. This pressure-treated wood needs to stabilize and dry itself out over time, which is made harder the more humidity is present in the air. Additionally, the hot San Antonio sun can cause the wood to expand and contract more than usual. This expansion can lead to premature warping or cracking of the foundational wood pieces that will then need to be replaced. By installing your deck in the winter, the drier air will allow the foundational wood to cure more quickly, and will allow your deck to become more stable. 

Unconventional is Good

Just as you might have thought building a deck in the winter is a strange concept, so too, do others. This can actually lead to a great advantage for you. People seem to often forget about the outdoors during the winter months and therefore won't be thinking about what they need to do to make their yard ready for the summer until it is too late. By constructing your deck in the winter, you will be putting yourself ahead of the game. The lack of competition from customers will mean that you will often have the undivided attention of the contractor. Furthermore, their schedules won't be as crowded, so they will most likely be able to start your project on your timetable, instead of you having to wait for when the contractor can fit your project into their busy schedule.

Save Some Money, Save Some Time

Due to the slow nature of the season, sometimes contractors are able to negotiate a lower price for their raw materials, which they then pass onto you. This means that the overall cost of your deck will most likely be lower if constructed in the winter instead of the busy spring and summer months. It is also good to keep in mind that decks aren't built in a day. By building your deck in the winter, you will have it available to you as soon as that first warm weather approaches. This will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to prepping your house for summer. Having a deck built in winter can also be useful on those rare winter days that are warm enough for outdoor activities.

Let's Get Started

We would be happy to help you start your winter deck project this year. After all, there's no time like the present to get something accomplished! If you are ready to begin, we would love to have you sit down with our design team to help you start crafting the deck of your dreams. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for your free estimate, or if you have any further questions, by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (210) 496-3325. We look forward to hearing from you!

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