Why Winter is the Best Time of Year for a Deck Installation

Posted January 30, 2018

Deck Installation San Antonio

Winter might not be your deck season, but it just might be the perfect deck installation season.

Very rarely does anyone think, “Hmm, I’d like to have work done on my home during the coldest months of the year.” But maybe they should, at least for certain projects. Sure the winter months are chilly, but construction workers are also less busy, which means they have more time to dedicate to your project. Not only can having a deck installation in winter mean that you’ll be able to enjoy your deck as early as spring, but there are many conditions specific to winter that actually make it perfect for a deck installation.


Winter weather is typically what leads people to feel that winter would be an inopportune time to have work done, but it creates ideal conditions for outdoor work, especially in areas like San Antonio that are less likely to get snow. In spring and fall, and even sometimes in summer, the frequent occurrence of rain storms can cause construction to halt and take longer than it might otherwise. Winter has much fewer rainy days, so winter deck installations tend to have fewer breaks and take less time overall. Additionally, the soil tends to be dryer, so it’s easier to break ground without disrupting the rest of the yard.


Deck installation professionals tend to be less busy in winter, which means that when you call to set an appointment, you’ll have more freedom to schedule it as you please. Are you planning on taking a vacation somewhere warm for a week or so? You can schedule your work around that. Whether you prefer to stay home while the work is happening or to be away, you have a much better chance of finding the most convenient time for your work if you have it scheduled in winter. It’s also convenient timing because although you might not use the deck much in winter, it will already be up and ready for you as soon as the weather allows you to enjoy it.


Because business is slower in winter and there’s less of a demand for deck material, many suppliers will sell their materials for less. Because it costs the contractors less to install the deck in winter, they’re more willing to offer the homeowners a deal on their deck installation. This isn’t always the case and can’t be guaranteed, but it’s more likely to happen in winter than any other time of year.

With skilled deck installation professionals, winter deck installations will be as comfortable and smooth as any other time of year. They’ll also be much quicker and more efficient. If you’re interested in having your own deck installation this winter, give Paradise Decks & Spas a call at (877) 332-5960 or contact us online.