Why A Home Spa is Your Greatest Entertainment Asset

Posted on March 29, 2018

Home Spa in San Antonio, TX

Love to entertain? You need a home spa.

That installing a spa in the outdoor space of your San Antonio home is great for entertaining purposes almost goes without saying. Everyone loves a home spa. You can host a hot tub party, or, because it's a hot tub rather than a friend, you and your friends can enjoy your outdoor space for longer. But having a home spa of your own can give you an entertaining edge in many ways and make your parties the favorite of your friends and family.

Hosting Leverage

Is your family or your friend group planning some kind of event and trying to decide whose home? Maybe you're planning a game night, want to celebrate a holiday, or watch the big game. When you have a home spa, that can be an appealing reason for everyone else to host the event at your home. Want to incentivize extended family like nieces and nephews or grandchildren to visit? Install a home spa, and they'll be begging mom and dad to visit you during the summer or winter break. If you want to be the host more often, having a home spa installed can certainly help you achieve that.

Move the Party Outside

Parties can be great. Cleaning up after parties? Not so much. That's why it's always preferable if you can move the party into the backyard. There might still be mess to clean up, but there's much less chance of broken valuables or tricky stains. At most, you'll be picking up snack plates and cups or righting some outdoor furniture. But if your backyard space is too boring, it won't give guests enough reason to hang out in the backyard. A great, dynamic deck helps, but a home spa will really seal the deal. If there's a hot tub outside, who would want to stay inside talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones?

And Enjoy The Outdoors for Longer

A pool can only be enjoyed in the heat of summer. Any other time of year is just too cold for the cool water of the pool to feel comfortable. Not so with a home spa. Because it's heated, the home spa can even be a welcome treat in cooler weather. With a home spa, your outdoor entertainment space isn't limited to summer. You and your friends can enjoy it for at least twice as long.

Water Games

Having a home spa allows opens up your backyard space to water games as well. Play cards using a frisbee as your playing table. Play dodgeball by dropping ping pong balls in the water. Try to keep from touching the ball even as you use the water to push it towards other players, and keep your feet at the bottom of the spa. Play hot potato with a water balloon filled with cold water to offset the heat of the home spa, or play "musical jets" instead of musical chairs. These are just a few games you can play to make entertaining in your home spa even more enjoyable.

Even if you never entertain, you can still enjoy the benefits of a home spa for yourself, certainly. But if you do entertain, a home spa is a surefire way to take your outdoor parties or visits from family to the next level. Contact us today for more information about having a spa installed in your San Antonio home.

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