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7 Ways Your Hot Tub is Even Better Than a Couch

Posted on January 31, 2020

San Antonio Hot Tub Installation

Relaxation is an important part of any life balance. When you've had a stressful day at work, a long week, or a busy month, you need to take some time to decompress. You should be able to do that in your own home, so what do you turn to? You can crash on your couch and binge watch Netflix, or you could soak in a luxurious hot tub. Still need some convincing? Here are seven ways that a hot tub beats out a couch every time:

Fresh Air

Everyone knows how important it is to get some fresh air, especially when you need to relax. Fresh outdoor air can not only help to relieve your stress but it can energize you for the days to come. While your couch might be comfortable, your hot tub is at least as comfortable — in fact, it feels more like being pampered — but it's outside, under the sky where you can breathe in fresh air.

Stay Warm Even in Winter

Winter usually means turning indoors until the weather warms back up...but not if you have a hot tub. With your hot tub, you can stay warm and cozy even in January or February, all without having to stay cooped up inside.

Better Exercise

The couch cushions might be appealing, but they don't offer any health benefits. You burn 3% more calories just sitting in hot water as opposed to sitting on your couch. In addition, your hot tub is a great place to get in some gentle exercise. The water allows you to move more fluidly while still getting the workout that you need, giving you back some much needed energy.

You Can Still Watch TV

There's no reason why choosing your hot tub over your couch means you get to miss out on your valuable binge watching time. Bring your TV out to the deck or use a smaller device to catch your favorite shows from the comfort of your hot tub.

Better Entertainment Value

When it comes to hosting a party, you can tell your friends, "Come over to my place, I have a really comfy couch," or you can tell them, "Come over to my place, I have a hot tub." Chances are, they're going to be much more enticed by the hot tub.

Expands Your Space

Small living rooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially if you're entertaining. By installing a hot tub on your deck, you're expanding room for the party to continue on the deck, where people are able to move about more freely. It's good for entertaining, but also good for you not to feel so cluttered when on your own.

Better Blood Circulation

Surrounding your body in hot water helps to increase your blood circulation, which can relieve stress and help you feel a little more focused and energized. Lying on the couch essentially does the opposite.

The choice is clear: when it comes to a hot tub or a couch, the hot tub is almost always the answer. Need more information about why you should choose a hot tub? Interested in getting a hot tub for yourself? Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information, or come by our showroom to see the selection.

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