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7 Ways a Home Spa Beats a Couch When It Comes to Relaxation

Posted on September 20, 2019

San Antonio Home Spa

When you've had a long day at work or with other trying tasks and events, all you want to do when you get home is kick back and relax. Most San Antonio residents might collapse onto the couch and watch Netflix to decompress. Some, however, prefer the luxurious comfort of a home spa. Personally, we think the latter beats the former every time. While a night on the couch can be just what you need every now and then, we find that you can get all that relaxation and more from your hot tub.

More Time Outside

Staying cooped up inside can start to feel stale quickly. When you have a home spa, you can enjoy just as much comfort as you might inside while breathing in fresh air. That doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favorite shows. Bring your TV outside and play it on your deck while you soak in your hot tub, or play your favorite music. But through it all, you can be outside, breathing in fresh, outdoor air which is sure to help you to destress.

Expand Your Relaxation Space

A couch can be nice, but sometimes your living room or den is a little cramped. If you feel the need to stretch out, why not take the relaxation outside? By having a home spa installed in your deck, you expand the space in (or out of) your home designed to help you destress. Especially with the right deck, your outdoor living space can be as comfortable as your indoor space.

Health Benefits

Lying on your couch can feel comfortable, but it's not known to come with any particular health benefits. The same can't be said for hot tubs. In fact, soaking in the warm water helps to expand your blood vessels to increase blood flow. For seniors or those who have been injured or live with arthritis, home spas can help increase your range of motion or relieve pain symptoms. They've even been shown to decrease stress and anxiety.

Entertainment Opportunities

You can always invite a few friends over to marathon a favorite show in your living room, but they're going to be more excited to have the opportunity to soak in your hot tub. And who says you can't do both? Again, bring the TV outside so you and your friends can binge watch or catch the latest football game from the comfort of your home spa.

Feel More Youthful

With the increased range of motion and the feeling of stress rolling off your shoulders, soaking in your home spa can feel as though you've shed years. Lying on the couch can be comfortable, but it certainly doesn't energize you and refresh you in the way that time in a hot tub does.

Features for Added Comfort

What added comfort features does your couch have? When you choose to relax in a home spa, you enjoy not only the warm water itself, but the pressure from the tub's jets, soothing any potential tense or pained sites on your body. Some spas even include a therapy pillow so you can feel as comfortable as possible in your home spa.

Enter the Modern Age With Bluetooth

Remember us saying that you can watch the football game or your favorite show from outside while you soak in your hot tub? Modern home spas make that much easier, with bluetooth audio systems and spa connect features. With these, you can stay in your hot tub and still not miss a minute of the game, or easily set your soundtrack to the relaxing moment? 

Interested in upgrading your relaxation routine to a home spa? Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information.

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