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Top 7 Composite Decking FAQs

Posted on May 10, 2019

San Antonio Composite Deck Building

Have any questions about composite decks for your San Antonio home? We have answers.

It's hard to beat the look of authentic wood decks, but with that look comes regular maintenance that not every homeowner has the time or energy to handle. For easier care, there's composite decking. Composite decks take on the look of wood decks, but they're better able to resist the outdoor elements, making them remarkably low maintenance. But before you make a decision, you may have questions about composite decks. Here are some of the most common ones that we hear:

How Expensive is Composite Decking?

There are a couple things you have to consider here. If you consider the upfront costs, composite decking is typically more expensive than pressure treated wood. However, there are also long term costs to consider, and in the long term, composite decking is often seen as a better investment. Composite decks have a longer lifespan than wood decks and require less maintenance and repairs, both of which cost money over time.

What Are the Top Benefits of Composite Decking?

Low maintenance is the main benefit of composite decking. They can withstand water and even hold up against scratches better than authentic wood. They don't warp or swell like wood. Composite decks are also splinter free, making them safer and more comfortable, particularly if you have small children.

How Do You Wash Composite Decking?

Composite decks can be washed with standard deck cleaner, a brush or scrub and a hose to rinse it off. They don't need to be stained or finished in a particular way to be protected from water, but you should still avoid pressure washing them as this can wear down the quality of the deck. It's also typically more power than is necessary to wash composite decks.

How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

The lifespan of your composite decking depends on the manufacturer. Composite decking from Fiberon, for instance, lasts about 25-30 years, at least twice as long as a traditional wood deck. Similarly, Trex and TimerTech have 25-year limited warranties, and Evergrain has a 20-year limited warranty.

What Is Composite Decking Made Of?

Composite decking is made of a "composite" of authentic wood fibers protected by plastic to give it better weather resistance. The wood fibers are part of what gives it the look of real wood, without the maintenance. Most of the time, the materials that go into making composite decking are recycled and preservative chemicals are typically not used.

What Style Does Composite Decking Come In?

Again, this depends on the manufacturer. Trex is known for deep tropical deck colors, but they also offer softer earth tones. Fiberon also offers deep browns and greys with their Symmetry collection, while their Paramount PVC Decking is done in lighter colors. Most composite decks come with wood grain patterns to complete the effect.

Can Composite Decks Be Painted?

Composite decks don't need to be painted as they come with the color already dyed in the boards, and that color will last for decades. However, sometimes homeowners have a change in stylistic preferences. The answer is you can paint composite decking, as well as stain it, but manufacturers don't recommend it, and it will require more upkeep to hold the new color.

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