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The Importance of Quality Deck Design

Posted on August 30, 2019

San Antonio Deck Design

Quality craftsmanship matters when it comes to your custom San Antonio deck.

No one has ever woken up and thought, "I'd like a really poor quality deck that falls apart after just a few seasons." However, quality craftsmanship can be an investment when it comes to decks. Some homeowners may simply find it easier to buy a run of the mill, standard deck that offers the lowest price, but those decks will need to be replaced — and they're not nearly so enjoyable as a quality custom deck. The truth is the quality of your deck design is important in more ways than one.

Beyond the Cookie Cutter

Who wants to feel like they're living in a home that could be just anyone's? Homeowners like to put their own stamp on their homes to make them feel truly like their own. Many deck installation companies have standard designs that they install for everyone's home, but that can be a little boring. That's why at Paradise Decks & Spas, we offer truly custom decks that fit your needs and your design preferences. Whether it's a deck to accentuate the natural beauty of your outdoor space or a deck full of amenities to wow when you entertain, we can create a deck of your dreams, rather than someone else's.

Lasts for Years

The key to a deck that doesn't need to be repaired or replaced every decade or so is quality craftsmanship. That starts with knowing the right materials to use, from durable woods to easy care composite decking that's made to look like wood. It follows through in the planning stages of the deck, working with the homeowner to determine the best features and being clear about how those will impact the lifespan of the deck. Finally, an expert installation team has to know how to install the deck to ensure that it holds up in the San Antonio climate for years to come.

Impress Your Friends

Think about the way you look at your house when you know that you'll have company over. Suddenly, you're hyper aware of every dust particle and every design blemish in your home. If you plan to entertain outside, that applies to your deck. No one wants to show off a low quality, cheap deck to their friends. A custom deck designed for your preferences and made with quality and care, however, is sure to make a good impression. And with amenities like a home spa, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen, your deck can become the place to be this summer. 

You deserve a high quality deck, and when it lasts for years and years, it's well worth the investment. Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information or a free estimate. Need help to make the cost of your custom deck more manageable? Consider asking about our financing plans.

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