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Quick Tips for a Clean Spa

Posted on August 28, 2017

Spa in San Antonio, TX

Your spa is an important investment in the value of your home; a spa in San Antonio, TX is a ticket to relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation in your very own backyard. Keep your spa looking great and ready to use by taking a few simple steps to keep it clean. Although some regular maintenance will be required from time to time, a clean spa is less likely to develop the kinds of preventable problems that have the potential of being costly to repair. Each member of your family can be aware of these simple strategies for keeping a home spa clean.

Skim the Water Regularly

Small insects, bits of dirt, and leaves may not seem like a big deal - and on their own, they probably aren't. However, all these small things will eventually get caught in the filter, which will have to work harder as a result. You can keep the filter cleaner, longer by skimming the water with a pool cleaner every so often. How often this chore needs done depends in large part on how often the spa is used and how it is stored between uses; this is a rough guide you can follow:

Use a Cover to Keep the Water Clean

Just about every spa on the market has a corresponding cover that can be used to keep the water clean. Covers are designed to resist the worst of blowing dust and debris. Although occasional skimming might be necessary, a cover that fits correctly will do most of the work.

Change the Filter as Needed

Each filter has its own lifespan; keep track of how often that your particular spa requires a new filter and be prompt about replacing it. This will also help maintain the spa's function over the long-term.

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