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Planning a Pool Party With Your Brand New Spa

Posted on August 15, 2017

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Once your new spa has been installed by the expert technicians of Paradise Decks & Spas, the next thing to do is plan a pool party. Invite your friends over to enjoy your brand new spa by throwing a party. This is a great time to treat your guests to food cooked outdoors; whether you love grilling steaks or pouring wine, this casual get-together is sure to be a memorable one. Thanks to the skillful installation technicians at Paradise, you can be confident that every detail has been seen to. All you need to do is fire up the grill.

An Outdoor Menu

With the spa getting the center of attention, you probably will not need to get very fancy with your menu. However, a spread with a variety of foods will be graciously enjoyed. Consider simple fare such as:

The picnic spirit will be infectious; the light food will help keep the mood boisterous instead of weighed down by a heavy meal.

Shade and a Place to Sit

Comfortable outdoor patio furniture is a must-have for any successful pool party. Large cushions can be placed on these chairs for increased comfort. Be sure to set up large umbrellas or shade pavilions to keep everyone cool during the hot afternoon. As the sun goes down a cozy fire can be started in a firepit.

Lightweight curtains can be hung from porch awnings to help keep your deck cool and comfortable for guests. Use nothing heavier than a standard bed sheet; too much weight can damage these structures. Curtain weights can be clipped to the corners of any material you use to prevent them from blowing around.

Your Deck and Spa Experts

Our team is at your service. Call us at (210) 496-3325 and tell us about the spa and deck you have always wanted.

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