Outdoor Kitchens and More: Preparing Your Backyard for Summer Party Season

Posted on April 27, 2018

Outdoor Kitchens in San Antonio, TX

Spring is back in full force and your outdoor space is looking beautiful. It's the perfect time of year to start getting ready for a summer of outdoor entertaining. With the installation of deck customizations like outdoor kitchens, you can find yourself ahead of the game. You'll already have an edge as the place to be when it comes time for summer parties. But there are a few other things you'll need to do to get your backyard space ready for outdoor entertaining this year.

Spruce Up the Lawn

The first thing you want to do is clear off any debris that piled up on your lawn over the fall and winter seasons. Twigs, leaves, and weeds will all need to go. Next, get back into the habit of mowing the lawn. Trim the grass back down and make sure everything looks clean and even. Now is also the time to think about trimming trees and bushes. Although they're not exactly your lawn, they do have a direct impact on the aesthetics and cleanliness of your lawn. 

Once the lawn is laid bare, you might find that you want to add a few plants to really give it some color. You can start a flower bed, plant herbs, or sprinkle a few wildflower seeds to give the lawn a more natural feeling. You can even add some man-made accessories, like statues or figurines that strike you.

Break Out the Backyard Furniture

If you plan to do any serious entertaining in your outdoor space, you'll need to have furniture. No one wants to stand around all night, after all. Deck furniture is common, and if you have a great deck for entertaining, make use of it. A gazebo also provides an excellent seating area if you have the right furniture. You may want to place a bench or two in the lawn itself, especially near a garden for added aesthetic. Mix up the furniture arrangement if you're tired of the sameness.

Let There Be Light

Make sure that your backyard has sufficient lighting for the coming party season. You can light the backyard with tiki torches, electric lights on your deck, or go with something more fashionable, like hanging lights. Paper or wicker lanterns are increasingly popular and add a pop of fun to your outdoor space. Fairy lights or strings of small light bulbs can give the lighting the appearance of twinkling stars when the sun goes down. You have plenty of options, so just choose what works best for your space.

And Finally, Food

Outdoor kitchens are changing the game when it comes to grilled food for summer parties. With a simple outdoor grill, everything has to be prepped inside and carried outside to be grilled. With the help of outdoor kitchens, homeowners can stay a part of the party even while they're prepping those delicious burgers, bratwursts, skewers, or steaks. An outdoor kitchen comes with a sink, counter space for prep, and even a fridge for storage. Your friends and family will be impressed, too, and the mouthwatering smells coming from your outdoor kitchen will only make the party that much more memorable.

Let Paradise Decks & Spas help you get ready for outdoor party season. Come by our showroom to see our selection of outdoor kitchens, as well as custom decks and home spas, all of which can help wow your guests this summer.

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