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Now is the Perfect Time to Build a New Deck

Posted on September 14, 2018

Custom Deck in San Antonio

With the colder weather approaching, many might think the time for being outdoors is coming to an end. This line of thinking could easily extend to the idea of any exterior construction work, such as building a new deck. There are a few reasons, however, that building a custom deck in the fall is just as good, if not better, than building it in the spring or summer.


Whenever anyone considers any outdoor construction, they assume it must be done in either the spring or the summer - the traditional seasons when outdoor activities typically take place. Because of this, contractors tend to be booked well in advance. This high volume of projects can make it difficult to find time to add yours to the schedule. If you are building a custom deck, you want your contractor to be able to give your deck the time and attention it deserves. 

Starting this project in the off-season, like fall, is a perfect way to guarantee your job will have your contractor's full attention. Furthermore, it will be easier to fit you into their schedule, and to create the project with your timing requirements in mind, instead of working around theirs. 

Better Weather

Some might think that working outdoors in the cooler weather would be more difficult for the contractors. However, this is in fact the opposite of what is true. Especially in San Antonio, working on an exterior project, like a deck construction, is actually much better to do in a cooler season like fall. The contractors and installation professionals will not have to worry so much about the sweltering heat and intense sun that is common in San Antonio in the spring and summer months. Cooler weather means longer work days are possible, with less breaks needed, so the job could potentially be finished faster.

Additionally, the fall season sees a drop in the humidity that is often present in San Antonio. Lower humidity means paint and stain dries faster, and the wood can cure more quickly. If your deck is using pressure-treated wood in its construction, this wood can be susceptible to absorbing moisture if left sitting outside. Lower humidity means less of a chance of this moisture absorption happening, which will make the construction process go smoother.

Better For Your Lawn

Construction of a custom deck can be brutal on your lawn if the proper care isn't taken. The heavy rains of the spring and summer months will make the ground soft, thus making it easier for gouges and lawn trampling to occur. In the fall, these rains are not as common, which will make the ground harder. A harder ground makes it easier to avoid damaging the grass. In addition, a drier ground provides a stronger foundation for the deck, making the installation process easier overall.

Ready To Go

Adding a custom deck is a great investment in any San Antonio home. Fall is the perfect time to start the design and installation process, not only for the reasons already listed, but also because, with the warm Texas weather, you will be able to use your deck year-round. Once the construction is finished, your deck can be used immediately. Knowing this, there is no reason to wait to get started.

Contact us today to get a free estimate of your custom deck installation by either filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (210) 496-3325. We look forward to hearing from you!

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