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Knowing When You Need Deck Repair

Posted on May 3, 2019

San Antonio Deck Repair

Is your deck out of shape? Here’s how to know if you can get it repaired.

A high quality custom deck from a company like Paradise Decks & Spas will last for years and years, but sometimes accidents still happen. The question is how to know if you need deck repair or not. Some fixes might be small enough to let go, while others might need a new deck altogether. Below are some common reasons to need deck repair in San Antonio. Do any of these sound familiar when it comes to your deck?

Shaky Railings

Not every deck in San Antonio has railings, but if yours does, you want to be sure that they’re sturdy. This isn’t the worst thing that could happen to your deck, but it can be particularly dangerous, especially if you have children or guests who don’t realize the railing is shaky. This can happen when the railing is attached to the deck by nails and the nails have begun to come loose. If you have this issue, talk to a deck contractor about how to repair it or if there’s a solution that will help strengthen your railings in the long term.

Wobbling Boards

Another problem that might mean you need deck repair is wobbling floor boards. No one wants to walk across their deck and feel as though the decking is moving too. This could be a problem with the joists pulling away, making the deck less steady. Obviously, this is an urgent concern and will call for deck repair sooner rather than later. If it’s gone far enough, you may even need to replace your deck or do major repairs to the current deck.

Weak Joists

Often, wobbling boards can be a symptom of this third issue. If your joists are weak, they’re not likely to support the weight of your deck very well, especially if you plan to entertain or have rowdy kids playing on the deck. They may become unfastened and pull away from the deck if they’re not sturdy enough. You can talk to a deck repair contractor about adding carriage bolts or rooting out the problem that causes the weak joists.

Worried your San Antonio deck may be out of shape and in need of repair? Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information.

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