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Keeping Your Outdoor Spa in Shape

Posted on July 19, 2018

Outdoor Spa in San Antonio

Taking care of a spa is different than taking care of a pool. If you are new to owning a spa, the maintenance of it can seem overwhelming. However, it is quite easy to maintain your spa. As long as you know some basic information about your spa (the specific make and model of your spa, as well as how much water it holds) you shouldn't have any trouble keeping it running in perfect condition. By following these three simple steps, your spa upkeep should be a breeze.


Just like any body of water (no matter how small), circulation is key. In an outdoor spa, stagnant water is not good. It can cause algae growth and attract insects, which you definitely do not want. Depending on what type of spa you have, it may have an automatic schedule for how often the water gets circulated. A typical water circulation will take about 15-20 minutes, running the water through the cartridge filters in the spa. Some spas will come with their own instructions on how often to circulate the water. At a minimum, you should run the water through the filters once a day. Circulating the water twice a day is better for the spa, and will result in cleaner water, but is not necessary for proper maintenance (if you can manage it, twice a day is recommended).


The most important part of your spa maintenance is to ensure that you are consistently cleaning it. Your spa should get a thorough cleaning every three to four months. This will include draining your spa of water completely and scrubbing the sides. If you use your spa quite often, you should deep clean it at least once every two months. 

The other important part of keeping your spa clean is maintaining the filters. You can assist the filters in their job by keeping the water free of any debris. This includes removing any plant matter that may find its way into your outdoor spa. The better you maintain your filters, the easier it will be to clean your tub. As often as you can, you should rinse off the filters with warm water, to clear it of any large objects that may have found their way into them. After two or three uses of the tub, you should spray the filters with a cleaning solution, then rinse it off, to keep them as clean as possible. Whenever you deep clean your tub, you should soak your filters in the cleaning solution, rinsing them off when the tub has been refilled.


In this instance, maintaining a spa is just like a swimming pool. You need to make sure your water is sanitized and has the proper pH balance. You should always test your spa's water before changing the chemical makeup. After heavy usage, you should shock the water with the sanitizer, and then add the right alkaline to maintain the pH balance. As long as you have the right water testing system, maintaining the chemicals in your spa will not be difficult.

Owning A Spa 

An outdoor spa is a great addition to any San Antonio home. Due to the mild Texas weather, you can enjoy your spa year round. It is a great gathering place, to create some memories with your friends and family. Having an outdoor spa is a way to make your home into the relaxing paradise it deserves to be. 

As you can see, keeping your spa in tiptop condition is not difficult. If you think an outdoor spa would be the perfect addition to your home, feel free to contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (210) 496-3325 to get started on your outdoor spa installation!

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