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How to Spot an Energy Efficient Home Spa

Posted on January 5, 2018

Home Spa in San Antonio, TX

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days in every aspect of the home. A more energy efficient home can save you hundreds in your bills. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and make the environment just a little bit cleaner. Many homeowners have taken steps to make the inside of their home more energy efficient, changing to lightbulbs that use less energy, installing energy efficient windows or even energy efficient washers and dryers.

But what about the outside of your home? People tend to think less about the energy efficiency of their backyard or deck area. After all, you’re outside in the elements. Surely you can’t be using too much energy. However, there are still ways to save energy with your outdoor space--particularly ensuring your home spa is an energy efficient model. Energy efficient spas work to keep the water warm and comfortable without upping your energy costs. Do you know what an energy efficient home spa looks like? Here are a few traits that can help you to spot them more easily:


The more insulated the home spa is, the more easily it can hold in heat. A well-insulated home spa will stay as warm as you like it without you having to reheat it. That’s why some home spa manufacturers have started to add urethane foam for added insulation. Urethane foam is used in commercial freezers to hold cold air in, and it can do the same when it comes to the heat of your home spa. A home spa with excellent insulation will also include heat-seal seams to ensure minimum to no heat loss.

When searching for a new home spa, make sure to ask what makes up the insulation, and do some research to see how that compares to other insulation systems available from competitors.

Energy Efficient Pumps

The home spa’s pump also plays a large role in its energy efficiency. The home spa’s pump is responsible for moving the water into the spa and creating the different settings of water pressure. An energy efficient home spa pump can offer that same soothing massage feeling with less water, and can even lengthen the life of your home spa. The AquaFlo® pump, for instance, is famous for its powerful performance and energy efficiency. Compare the different pumps that come with various home spas before you make a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best energy efficiency.

Spa Covers

Spa covers do more than just keep your home spa clean and free of debris. Heat rises, so when the spa is not in use, heat can escape upwards, requiring it to be reheated before the next use. A spa cover will hold heat in and save it for the next day. Some spa covers even include a reflective heat shield on the interior of the spa cover to keep heat from leaking through the cover. The stronger the spa cover, the warmer your home spa will be the next time you open it.

At Paradise Decks & Spas, we offer spas by Dimension One, a company that has been working to make their spas more and more energy efficient and environmentally conscious since 1999. They use AquaFlo pumps, urethane foam insulation, and use many recycled materials in the manufacturing of all of their spas. For an energy efficient spa from Dimension One or for any questions about the energy efficiency of our other home spas, contact us today or come by our showroom.

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