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How to Honeymoon When You Can't Leave Town

Posted on March 21, 2018

San Antonio Home Spa

Your wedding is the happiest time of your life, which is why so many couples prefer to stretch it out for as long as possible with a honeymoon. The traditional idea of a honeymoon presents the picture of a weekend at the beach somewhere. But less and less couples can afford to leave town for their honeymoons.

Fortunately, San Antonio is a beach location itself. But if you want to really get away for the weekend and have some special time for just the two of you, you can do that from your own home. Here are a few tips for a staycation honeymoon when you can't leave town.

Turn Off Your Phones

The perfect honeymoon should have that "just us" feeling. Like you two are the only people in the world, with no responsibilities. You can stay in bed for as long as you like and there's no pressure to really do anything. But if you're constantly plugged into your phone, it can be hard to create that sort of ambiance. Your newsfeed can wait. Make an agreement with your sweetheart to turn off your phones for the weekend and just focus on each other.

Order Takeout

If you were having a honeymoon somewhere exotic, you wouldn't be cooking meals. You would either order room service or dine at some local restaurant. So don't cook for your home honeymoon. Instead, to stay in your couple bubble, order takeout from your favorite delivery place. Whether it's pizza, Chinese food, or tacos, you can make it special with a favorite bottle of wine and the right company. If you want to add to the ambiance, turn on a romantic playlist. If you'd rather watch your favorite action movie while you share your pizza, do that.

Play Games

You love to make your spouse laugh, so why not have fun while you're enjoying your home honeymoon? Whether it's an old board game collecting dust, a card game, or something like 20 questions or truth or dare, there are a number of two person games you can play to amuse yourselves. If you're bored with the game options you have available, make up your own. A tip? This game portion of the honeymoon is made even better if you break out that favorite bottle of wine again.

Soak in the Spa

If you were on vacation, you might go for a swim at the beach or relax in a spa. At home, you can relax in your own home spa. A home spa can add both relaxation and fun and when you and your spouse enjoy it together in your own backyard under the stars, it can create the perfect "just us" atmosphere that you need. You may never want to go back to the real world.


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