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How Hot Tubs Are Energy Efficient

Posted on September 5, 2019

San Antonio Hot Tub Installation

When homeowners think of hot tubs, they often think of the comfort of coming home to a hot tub after a long day. They may think of entertainment and the parties they can throw with their hot tub, or simply the luxury of having a home spa. However, one thing that isn't typically associated with hot tubs is energy efficiency, and maybe it should be. These days, energy efficient hot tubs are more common than ever. Here are a few ways your home spa from Paradise Decks & Spas may be energy efficient.


A well-insulated hot tub will stay hotter for longer without losing heat to the elements or requiring more energy to be used. Needless to say, well-insulated hot tubs are considered very energy efficient. But what insulates a hot tub? Some of the most top of the line home spas have full foam insulation built into the walls of the spa, keeping heat from escaping from the sides and bottom of the tub. A spa cover of strong quality is also important to ensure heat doesn't escape while you're not using the hot tub.

LED Lighting

Because hot tubs are primarily used in the evening, lighting is important. Most hot tubs are well lit, but if the manufacturer is smart and energy conscious, they'll use LED lighting. LED, or "light emitting diode," is considered by Energy.gov to be today's "most energy efficient and rapidly developing lighting technologies." These bulbs not only offer light quality as strong or more so than a typical light bulb but they typically last far longer, making them the perfect choice for an energy efficiency conscious hot tub owner.

Adjustable Spa Heater

Of course, the point of a hot tub is for the water to be, well, hot. But that doesn't mean you have to blast the spa heater at all times. Consider keeping the temperature ten degrees lower than your ideal temperature for the most part. An hour before you get into the spa, you can turn it back up. If you use your spa on a regular basis, it might make more sense to turn your spa down thirty or so degrees below your preferred temperature before you leave the house for more than a day. That way you won't have to pay high energy bills for a warm hot tub that you can't use.

Finding the right manufacturer and the right contractor is essential when it comes to an energy efficient hot tub. Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information or come by our showroom to see the spas we offer for yourself.

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