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How Hot Can a Hot Tub Get?

Posted on March 6, 2020

San Antonio Hot Tub Installation

There's always been soothing about hot water. Most people prefer to take hot showers, breathing in the steam and letting the hot water roll off their shoulders. The same principle applies to hot tubs. The hot water relaxes the muscles and allows the tension to fall right off of us. Of course, there's a difference between hot and boiling. A hot tub that's too hot could be dangerous, not to mention unenjoyable. So what's the limit? How hot can a hot tub be exactly?

And how hot should it be for your home?

Maximum Temperature

104° fahrenheit is the standard maximum temperature for hot tubs across the board. Hotter than that and it can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for hot tub users, even adults. Some hot tub users like to keep their hot tub at the hottest possible temperature, finding that to be the most relaxing. However, that's not for everyone, and it may not be your guests' preference if you choose to entertain. So with that in mind, at what temperature should you keep your hot tub?

Ideal Temperature

The ideal hot tub temperature depends on the hot tub users. The most popular temperature range is usually around 100 - 102°. If that doesn't suit you, try turning the temperature up or down. Play with this range with the family if you have multiple people in the household who use the hot tub, so you can find a happy medium for everyone. When it comes to guests, remember that it's your house. However, be amenable to your guests. Ask them if they need the temperature turned up or down to suit their comfort level.

Hot Tubs for Kids

The hot tub temperature you might use for adults is fine for adolescents and teenagers, but what if you have young children? For children under the age of 5, prolonged hot tub use can be detrimental and dangerous. Make sure if small children are in the hot tub that the temperature does not exceed 95°. Limit the child's time in the hot tub, as well. They should spend no more than 5-10 minutes in the hot tub before taking a break.

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