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How Home Spas Can Offer Relief From Chronic Pain

Posted on May 16, 2018

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It's a tradition as old as pain or illness. For thousands of years, people visited hot springs or took hot baths to help with various ailments. In particular, the warm waters famously offer relief from chronic pain symptoms. The difference is that today, you don't have to travel to a city known for its hot springs. Now, with home spas, you can have this relief in your own San Antonio backyard.

The Wonders of Heat Therapy

The most common treatments for chronic pain symptoms are ice and heat. Heating pads and ice packs are frequently prescribed to those suffering back pain or joint pain. Heat, in particular, relaxes the muscles and helps blood to flow more freely, loosening the site of pain. Heating pads, however, have been known to cause burns if not used carefully, and the heat they offer is limited compared to the submersive experience of home spas. Heat from a home spa surrounds you. A nightly soak in a home spa can greatly reduce your pain and help heal tissue damage.


Another way to help get circulation going is through the hydrotherapy that a home spa's jets provide. The spa's jets can massage tense muscles or areas of pain. Most high quality spas now offer different settings for their jets, so you can enjoy a gentle massage or something more rigorous, depending on your pain needs. In fact, hydrotherapy is so effective that a study from the Journal of Musculoskeletal Research declared it seemed to be better for spinal flexibility compared to land exercises.

Easier Movement

When you experience stiff muscles and joints, one of the first things doctors will recommend is to move around to loosen the stiffness. However, this is easier said than done, since moving can cause sharp and frustrating pain. Here again, home spas can help. You've no doubt noticed in the past that movement seems to be lighter and easier underwater. This is because the water carries much of your weight as you move. Thus in your spa, you can more easily flex pain areas and loosen stiffness and inflammation. You can even start working out with the help of swim spas and water exercises.

Stress Reduction

Stress exacerbates chronic pain. However, chronic pain can itself be a reason for stress. It's a vicious cycle. The good news is that soaking in your home spa each night can help to reduce stress even when you don't have chronic pain. When you do have chronic pain, letting the stress roll off your body will also reduce pain symptoms.

Paradise Decks & Spas offers portable hot tubs and swim spas from Dimension One Spas, a leading spa manufacturer. With these high quality spas, you'll have an easy, natural way to find relief from your chronic pain — right in your own backyard. Contact us today for more information.

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