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Designing an Outdoor Living Space for a Small Yard

Posted on December 20, 2019

San Antonio Outdoor Living Space Design

The San Antonio area is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Warm weather and sunny days mean you and your friends will spend more time outdoors than might be the case in other parts of the country. Many homeowners take advantage by making their backyard the perfect outdoor living space. But what if you only have a small yard? You may have to design it differently than you would a yard with unlimited space, but you can still have a great outdoor living space in a smaller yard.

A Custom Deck Can Fit Your Small Yard

Because it works to combine your indoor and outdoor living space, a deck can expand the perception of your backyard, so it feels larger than it is. Of course, if your deck is too large and overwhelms your backyard, you may end up feeling crowded the moment you step off of it. This is why it helps to have a deck company that offers truly custom decks so you can find a deck that fits your backyard, both in size and in function. Add lighting, both for function and decoration, and comfortable seating to give the yard the feeling of being cozy rather than cramped.

Add Levels

Your yard may only have so much space in terms of flat square feet, but you can make that space more dynamic by adding levels to your custom deck. This might be a deck with a smaller platform on top of it, two levels of the deck, or a deck with a gazebo added. The space won't be made larger by adding levels, but it will give you and your guests more to do within that space, making it more interesting.

Don't Clutter

You might be tempted to squeeze as much as you can into the limited space, but that will only make it feel smaller and smaller. Instead, make sure there's plenty of room to move around along the deck, as well as in the lawn below. Multi-functional furniture, open spaces, or strategically placed potted plants can help your deck to feel full of life without crossing into cluttered.

Add a Home Spa

Will a home spa make your small yard feel larger? Maybe not. But it will certainly become the focus of everyone's attention. If you want an outdoor living space to relax, you can find that in your home spa, and it won't take up too much room in your small yard. If your aim is to entertain, your guests will flock to the deck and the spa and won't be concerned with the size of your yard.

Need help breathing life into your outdoor living space with a small yard? Let us show you what we can do. Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for more information.

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