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Designing Decks: 3 Secrets for Great Results

Posted on April 26, 2019

San Antonio Deck Builder

A deck is a great investment for any San Antonio home, but we know it's just that - an investment. Spending your hard-earned money on any home improvement can be difficult, and, when you do, there is a lot of pressure to do it right the first time. We know you want to design the deck of your dreams. By keeping these 3 secrets in mind, you can ensure your investment is handled properly, and you will have a deck design that perfectly suits your design aesthetic and your family's needs.

1 - Size Matters

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when designing their deck is not knowing how big to make the structure. Decks are a significant investment, and the bigger the deck, the more it's going to cost. Therefore, some homeowners will opt to create a smaller deck to save money, not realizing that - by doing so - they are probably going to be spending more money in the long run. The hardest part about choosing the right size for your deck, is trying to envision the future. You will need to ask yourself what purpose your deck is going to serve, and who you think will be using the space. If you are relatively young, but are settled in your house for good, you may want to build a deck with enough space for your children and your grandchildren to gather in one place. Think through all the possibilities of why you would use your deck, and try to design for that eventuality.

2 - Layout in Advance

Along with trying to predict the size needs for your deck, it is also a good idea to plan out what you are going to use your deck for, and where those amenities will go. If you are planning to have an outdoor kitchen, you should design a deck that extends far enough away from the house to avoid smoke drifting inside. If you already have a pool or are planning to get one, you should ensure your deck is made from a non-slip material, that will be as safe as possible for those walking on it with wet feet. Additionally, you should consider the age of people using the deck. If you are going to have guests with mobility concerns, you may wish to install a railing, even if your home's coding doesn't require one.

3 - Budget-conscious Choices

We know you would love to build a multi-tiered deck complete with outdoor kitchen immediately, but that sometimes your budget just won't allow that to happen. Keeping your budget in mind and knowing where you can cut costs is a great way to ensure you will have a deck that will fulfill all your needs, while not breaking the bank. The biggest cost associated with building a deck is the size. A balance needs to be struck then, between having a big enough deck so it serves its purpose and doesn't sit unused, and not bankrupting you. Consider adding a railing to your deck regardless of the requirements from your town. A deck without a railing has about 2 feet of unused space near the edges because people are afraid to fall off of it. By adding a railing, you are maximizing the space able to be used, therefore ensuring your money is being utilized wisely.

Professional Help

By keeping these 3 secrets in mind, you will create the deck of your dreams that will be a great addition to your home for years to come. Planning ahead is key to making sure your deck is designed to your specifications, while also not wasting any time having to change the deck mid-construction. If you are ready to get started, our design team is eager to help you construct the perfect deck for you. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (210) 496-3325.

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