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Decking the Deck for Halloween

Posted on October 12, 2018

San Antonio Deck Building Contractor

Why stop the spook at the front lawn? Dress up your deck for Halloween as well.

Once the San Antonio deck building contractors finish their job and you pay for the work, there's nothing left to do but to enjoy your deck, and you can enjoy it in different ways all year long. With Halloween on its way, many are turning to their Halloween decorations. Why not enhance the look of your new deck by dressing it up for Halloween? Whether you want to increase the spooky factor this season or add a harvest-like touch, your deck can be the perfect place to do it. Here are a few ideas to jog some inspiration:

Rustic Touches

Most of the Halloween activity will be in the front yard, so many people neglect the backyard and deck. However, you can add some stylistic Halloween touches that feel rustic and natural while also fun and aesthetically pleasing for yourself or any guests. Hay bales are popular this time of year, as are corn stalks, scarecrows and pumpkins. You can add a mixture of these decorations to a corner of the deck and place small pumpkins or autumnal flowers on a table or on the railing. You can also wrap Halloween lights around the railing to add to the more understated Halloween vibe.

Set a Scene

Your deck is built kind of like a stage — so why not treat it like one? With the right figures and decorations you can set a scene. Maybe it's a monster party, and the wicked witch, a ghost, and Frankenstein's monster are all hanging out on the deck. Maybe a witch has mounted her broomstick and is about to take flight off of the railing. Make sure there's room for you to move around, but other than that, you can create your own Halloween scene. If you really want to commit to it, you can even invest in sound effects or music.

A Pirate Deck

Pirates are popular any time of year, but while they might not be ghouls or monsters, they certainly tend to show up in force around Halloween. Your deck could easily be converted into the deck of a ship. Hang a black flag with your own Jolly Roger, find some pirate figurines, or perhaps set up something to serve as a steering wheel or lookout nest. It's something that's a little outside the norm for Halloween and that will make it much more fun — especially if you have kids who want to bring their friends over.

Whatever you choose for your deck-orations (get it?), it helps to have the right deck building contractor. In San Antonio, contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for a free quote.

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