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Creative Backyard Concepts - Add Style and Charm to Your Home With a Sun Arbor

Posted on June 21, 2019

San Antonio Sun Arbor Contractor

Some people are comfortable with a cookie cutter backyard. The uniformity of choosing a backyard that looks essentially the same as the backyard in their last homes or like their neighbor's backyard can be comforting. However, other homeowners have a more creative streak. You want a backyard that stands out, one that's perfect for entertaining and shows off your personal style. Maybe you're looking for a backyard that's as practical in the San Antonio heat as it is stylish.

At Paradise Decks & Spas, these are the kind of homeowners that we love best. We provide custom decking and creative concepts with an excellent installation crew to help you design the outdoor space of your dreams. Here's how we can help add style and charm to your home with a new sun arbor.

Custom Design

All of our sun arbors are made with a custom design, so yours can be one-of-a-kind, standing out from your neighbors, friends, and family. We can even use your current outdoor space for inspiration and incorporate the sun arbor to fit in with the set up you already have. Are you renovating your entire backyard? Let us build your custom decking or other backyard features and we'll work your sun arbor into that design. Whatever the case, the point is that your sun arbor will be characteristically yours, and your backyard will stand out in a charming way because of it.

Beautiful Material

We're choosy about the wood we use in creating sun arbors and pergolas. We love wood that has an elegant color and texture, but we also like to give you options so that again, you don't end up with a cookie cutter sun arbor. We use Western Red Cedar, authentic California Redwood, and Treated Pine. We're careful about the treatment of the wood we use in sun arbors, and we have an excellent installation crew that takes care to ensure that your sun arbor is installed in excellent shape and will remain so for years to come.

Climbing and Hanging Plants

Want to incorporate a more natural look into your sun arbor? While sun arbors may be man made, they're actually perfect for those wanting to grow climbing plants. Vines like grape, rose, ivy, or honeysuckle will spread up the structure of the sun arbor, forming a natural decoration and a dramatically elegant look. You can also incorporate hanging plants such as jade or geraniums.

Entertainment Resource

San Antonio is known for being very sunny and hot, and sun arbors offer a chance to enjoy the outdoors while finding relief from the heat of the sun. This makes them the perfect resource for entertaining, as your guests can gather there without having to go back inside after a short period of time. They also help to protect your outdoor furniture from effects like rain and heavy winds, so you'll have less maintenance to do when it comes to keeping your outdoor space ready for entertaining. 

Contact Paradise Decks & Spas today for a free quote on a custom sun arbor for your San Antonio home, and check back to learn more about different creative backyard concepts.

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