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5 Benefits of San Antonio Arbors for Your Deck

Posted on June 15, 2018

San Antonio Arbor

The aesthetic appeal of arbors for your deck is easy to see. Tall, graceful, and stately, these features can help your lawn, deck, and garden draw the eye. But that’s just one of the benefits that San Antonio arbors have to offer your home. Arbors are never a better choice for your deck than in the heat of summer. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy by having one installed in your outdoor space today.

A Doorway Into Your Natural Outdoor Space

While still an aesthetic choice, arbors can define your landscaping. While we install arbors both against the house and freestanding, a freestanding arbor is a perfect entrance into your outdoor space. Imagine stepping off your deck and facing a custom arbor. Behind you are your deck and the back door to your home. On the other side are the lush lawn, your garden, and maybe a tree or two. It both helps to organize your space and add elegance.

Expand Your Garden

Any gardener knows that every plant is different, and some can be very sensitive. While sunlight is generally a good thing when it comes to gardening, some plants can be overwhelmed by too much of it. The shade of an arbor can be just what they need to thrive in moderation. But the main garden appeal of an arbor is climbing plants. Roses, honeysuckles, ivy, wisteria...if it has vines and grows upward, it will love your new arbor. Your climbing plants will flourish with the invitation of an arbor, and so will the arbor, with the look of your climbing plants.

Shade for Entertaining

We love soaking up the sun in summer...but sometimes it can be a little overbearing, especially in San Antonio. It’s nice to have a respite in the shade for a bit, especially if you’re entertaining outdoors. An arbor allows you to set up the party in the shade, and keeps you and your guests cool and comfortable. You don’t have to entertain in order to enjoy the shady benefits of your arbor, but it does make entertaining considerably easier.

Relatively Low Cost and High Value

Major deck remodeling or landscaping can be expensive, and might be out of your budget. However, arbor installation is one of the more affordable changes to your outdoor space that you can order, especially considering the value. For its price, you get a statement piece that helps your lawn stand out, especially when garnished with colorful climbing plants. If you plan to sell your home, the attractiveness of an arbor isn’t lost on homebuyers and significantly boosts the value of your home.

Low Maintenance

The roof of your arbor helps to keep wind, debris, and snow out, which makes your arbor much easier to keep clean. Want to place some furniture on your deck or patio? Place it under your arbor. While slatted roofs, popular in San Antonio, don’t fully shelter your arbor from rain, an arbor cover is an easy addition. You can keep it handy in case of adverse weather to protect the deck and furniture below, and even to enjoy your arbor yourself in the midst of the rain. 

At Paradise Decks & Spas, we’d be happy to install an arbor to spruce up your outdoor space, in a custom design that suits your tastes and your home. Contact us todayto enjoy these benefits and more for yourself.

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