Why Should I Invest In An Arbor?

Posted April 01th, 2017

new arbor San Antonio

Arbors are a beautiful way to enhance the look of your deck, spa or yard. They may initially seem incomplete, due to their simple structure and lack of walls. However, an arbor offers so much more. Here are some great reasons to invest in a new arbor in San Antonio .

Increase Home Value

Adding an arbor to your yard’s landscape can improve aesthetics and create a sense of cohesiveness in the yard. The investment may seem like a lot during construction, but the result can dramatically increase the resale value of your home and provide a significant return on investment.

Provide Shade

Arbors typically provide a kind of filtered shade from the separated beams that make up the roof, or from latticework fabric stretched over those beams. This is perfect for getting just the right amount of sun on those hot days. As a bonus, the spaces between beams provide a view to the sky at night so that you and your loved ones can observe the stars.

DesignateOutdoor Space

Providing definition for different areas of your yard can make it feel more functional and connected. An arbor can outline an area that is specifically for dining, entertaining or relaxing, which increases your privacy and feeling of coziness. To make it even more defined and comfortable, you can add outdoor rugs, furniture, draperies or potted plants to the arbor space.

Provide a Trellis for Plants

Your arbor can serve as a trellis or support structure for a climbing plant. Climbing plants add extra beauty and romance to the arbor and also provide extra shade, seclusion and the peaceful ambience of a garden. Consider ivy, grapevines, wisteria or clematis. However, before choosing any particular plant, be sure to research whether or not your climate is a good fit for that plant and how much watering and care it will require. Also consider which plants shed leaves or blossoms and which do not.

A new arbor in San Antonio can be just the right addition to your yard to make it all come together in beautiful harmony. Consult a professional deck and arbor company to learn more about your options.