Swim Spas: The Best Of Both Worlds

Posted April 10th, 2017

Swim Spas San Antonio

Having a pool installed on your property is an exciting idea. However, sometimes a pool might not be in the cards because of limited space or budget. Instead, consider a swim spa. Swim spas in San Antonio are the perfect solution when you want to be able to go for a swim butalso chill out in a relaxing spa. A swim spa is a combination of a pool and spa that can produce currents in the water if desired, establishing a healthy water resistance for cardio swimming. Here are some of the benefits of having a swim spa installed at your home:

  • Great for your budget: Not only is installing a swim spa less expensive than a swimming pool, it is also less expensive in terms of maintenance. Less water in the swim spa means that owners pay less every month for water costs and chemical treatment costs.
  • Great for space conservation: If your property has limited space in the back yard, a swim spa is a great option. On average, swim spas are only about 8 by 16 feet. This is half the size of the average swimming pool. So, there’s no need to use up the entire space of the yard with a full-sized pool.
  • Great for families: Swim spas have a shallower depth and covers that can be locked, giving parents of young children greater peace of mind. A swim spa is big enough to have fun during playtime with the same types of toys you can enjoy in a pool.
  • Great for fitness: The adjustable current of swim spas creates just the right amount of resistance to swim laps for daily low-impact exercise, which benefits cardiovascular health, builds muscle strength, increases flexibility and improves sleep and overall wellbeing. Many people may also find that the heat works wonders for arthritis and boosting physical therapy exercises.

A swim spa could be just the thing your family has been looking for to improve their health and create fun memories. A professional spa company can help you learn more about swim spas in San Antonio for your home.