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Popular Types Of Gazebos

Posted April 29th, 2017

new gazebo San Antonio

If your backyard has gorgeous views and you’re longing to sit outside and enjoy the scenery while sipping your favorite drink, a gazebo could be the perfect addition to your yard. When you’re ready to install a new gazebo in San Antonio, it’s important to understand the most popular types of styles that are available for your selection.


Pergola gazebos look elegant and classy in every backyard, but this style pairs especially well with homes that have a large garden presence with plenty of greenery. If you love plants, a pergola gazebo could be an excellent choice for your backyard. Pergolas with vines winding around the pillars look sophisticated and stylish, and you’ll love the ability to escape to the tranquil backyard that’s shaded by this style of gazebo.


For social homeowners who enjoy hosting barbecues and throwing parties, investing in a pavilion could be the ideal choice when you’re ready for a new gazebo in San Antonio. The open sides of a pavilion style gazebo are perfect for hosting parties, so guests can easily maneuver in and out of the structure.


If you’re a fan of Japanese architecture, bring a little bit of Japan home to Texas with a Pagoda style gazebo. This type of structure looks gorgeous in virtually every backyard, and especially those with touches of Japanese culture. For homeowners who enjoy the beauty and elegance of intricately styled structures, a Pergola will look great in your backyard.


Rotunda gazebos are often seen in Europe, but this rounded top gazebo with multiple pillars and no walls is eye-catching and a welcome addition to backyards in the United States as well. If you like classically designed architecture that will provide plenty of shade without feeling cramped or crowded, consider opting for this style of gazebo when you’re in the market for a new gazebo in San Antonio.