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Planning For Your Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

Posted May 10th, 2017

san antonio fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to your yard. It makes evenings outdoors comfortable from early spring to late fall and becomes a focal point for your social gatherings. Before you plunk your fireplace down in the yard, contact your local San Antonio fireplace experts for help. There are some long term maintenance considerations you should be aware of.

Working Around Fire Hazards

There are other things in your yard that can catch on fire besides just your firewood. Dry plants and debris may ignite if an ember lands on them. The area should be free from overhanging trees and far enough away from vegetation that you do not run the risk of starting an uncontrolled burn. Look for a spot away from where you normally store your household rubbish.

Shifting Ground

Heavy stone or brick fireplaces are subjected to constant subtle ground movements. This can cause them to crack and become unstable. Even if you have your fireplace installed on a concrete slab, it can still shift and split. You can’t always anticipate where the movement will occur, but ground that has been recently dug or is frequently exposed to water flow is more likely to be problematic. San Antonio Fireplace experts can help you determine the most stable ground to use.

Cleaning and Repair

Keep your fireplace clean and as dry as possible. An outdoor fireplace will be exposed to rain and snow regardless, but keep it covered when not in use to reduce the damage from moisture. If your fireplace uses sand at the bottom, change this sand out occasionally. When the sand becomes saturated, it holds more moisture in. Wipe it down after hosing off and routinely empty the ash and charred embers. Keep the tools, covers, and cleaning equipment in a separate storage container nearby. Look out for signs of trouble with a routine outdoor fireplace inspection from time to time.

Your fireplace is a great investment in your family’s enjoyment. Before installing your fireplace, consult with a San Antonio fireplace specialist and put a little thought into the long term maintenance needs.