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How to Know If Your Deck Needs Repair

Posted March 10th, 2017

Deck repair San Antonio

If you are like most homeowners in San Antonio, you use your outdoor deck as an extension of your indoor living space. Keeping it in good shape, then, is likely a top priority for you. Knowing when to make deck repairs, though, can be somewhat challenging for busy homeowners. Fortunately, your deck will give you some warning signs when it needs deck repair in San Antonio. If you ignore them, you might have to replace your entire structure, so watch for the following common red flags.

1. Exposed Nails

As your deck settles and confronts the elements, nail and screw heads can become exposed. As you might suspect, exposed hardware can be a safety hazard.

2. Splintered Wood

Like exposed nails, splintered wood can be dangerous for deck users. As such, plan to routinely inspect your deck to look for splintered, broken, rotting, or otherwise damaged wood.

3. Bad Stairs

More accidents happen on deck stairs than you might think. If your stairs wobble, you should ask a professional decking expert for help repairing them. Similarly, if your steps didn’t comply with building codes when they were installed, you might want to contract for deck repair in San Antonio.

4. Rickety Rails

Few things are more dangerous than deck rails that don’t do their job. Railing is supposed to be sturdy enough that adults can securely lean against it. If your decks rails are more rickety than strong, you likely need to repair them.

5. Worn Stain

Keeping the elements at bay is the best way to maintain the appearance and usability of any deck. If your deck’s stain or sealant has begun to show signs of wear, you probably need schedule some maintenance.

If you notice one of these five common red flags, it might be time to schedule deck repair in San Antonio. Remember, delaying deck repairs might result in the need for total replacement. As such, try not to procrastinate scheduling repairs for your structure.