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Has My Deck Become Dangerous?

Posted May 16th, 2017

Deck repair San Antonio

There is nothing that can compare to sitting outside on your hardwood deck, enjoying a beautiful Texas day. A deck is just one of those special places where a person can simply unwind and soak in the scenery. Whether you bought a home that already has a sturdy deck or you had one custom-built, you want your investment to last through the seasons. A properly constructed deck can last for decades, but sometimes a deck repair in San Antonio becomes necessary for the safety of your family and friends.

One thing to be aware of is that building codes change over time, so if your deck was built 15 years ago or more, it may not meet current standards. A beautiful, well-designed outdoor deck is going to be a popular household gathering spot, making it prone to weight-bearing issues. It’s a good idea to have the deck inspected to make sure everything is safe and secure. An inspection can also reveal any problems that have developed over time, such as wood rot. If the deck was originally a DIY project, there could be inadequate connectors that undermine the structural integrity of the whole thing. A deck repair in San Antonio could prevent injury by ensuring that the whole deck is brought up to code.

Many common issues with residential decks are caused by inadequate moisture management and ventilation. Professional installation can ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to prevent water damage. This may include specialty design features incorporated from the layout to the finishing.

The best way to avoid a deck repair is to have a licensed professional handle the construction in the first place. This isn’t to say that DIY jobs won’t stand the test of time, but a consultation in the beginning could wind up saving you a lot of money from costly repairs in the future.

If you’re just starting your deck project, consult a professional first. However, if your deck is older and in need of some TLC, getting expert deck repair in San Antonio can ensure the safety of the structure and provide you with many more years of enjoyment.