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5 Gazebo Accessories to Add to Your Outdoor Oasis

Posted on March 14, 2018

San Antonio Gazebo

An expertly built gazebo is already a great way to create an atmospheric haven of your space. Do you really need to add to it? Well, no. But if you're thinking in terms of need, you probably didn't needa gazebo in the first place. People have gazebos installed for the beauty and comfort of them. They provide a shady refuge from the San Antonio sun, a nuance to your outdoor entertainment space, and a great decorating resource when holidays or parties come around. And you can amplify your enjoyment of your gazebo with these gazebo accessories. 

Here are a few of our favorites:


In many ways, this is a no-brainer. It's great to have a gazebo, so you'll want to actually be comfortable there to fully enjoy it. And no one wants to sit on the floor. With the addition of a bench or a few chairs, you can relax and look at the scenery around you, work on an art project, or simply sip from a coffee mug or wine glass.

Gazebo Screen

Sometimes even if the weather is dreary, you still want to read a book or sip on your morning coffee in your gazebo. Maybe the day starts out cloudy but while you're outside, it starts to rain. The roof of your gazebo already provides shelter from rain, but if the rain is heavy, it may sweep under the roof anyway. A gazebo screen, however, will protect the gazebo and everyone in it from rainy weather, as well as unwanted pests.

You can find screens in a number of styles. They can be affixed to the beams of the gazebo, or they can hang around the gazebo in a classic curtain style. The latter screen can be open on a nice sunny day and swept closed when the weather turns sour.


Often, this is the other way around: the gazebo is the accessory for the grill. It provides outdoor cooks the opportunity to grill burgers or bratwursts in the shelter of shade even on the hottest days, and it protects the grill on inclement weather days. Either way, it's clear that grills and gazebos go hand-in-hand. Your gazebo is often the centerpiece of your outdoor space. While you and your friends gather there, it might just be the perfect place to start the barbecue party.


To lengthen the enjoyment of your gazebo or your outdoor space as a whole, you should have lights added. This may be a light fixture hanging from the top of the gazebo, or you could choose something a little dimmer but more aesthetically pleasing. If you have the electrical hookup (which you'll need for most lighting options), you can wrap fairy lights around the gazebo, adding both light and aesthetic. Another option is paper lanterns. Solar lights are an energy efficient option, although they won't work on days that were primarily cloudy.


Add some color and life to your gazebo! You might start a little boxed garden or even just add a potted plant or two throughout. Hanging plants are an exceptional look for gazebos, or you could plant vines or flowers along the trellis so that they run up and down the side of the gazebo. You could also plant a lush garden in the area surrounding the gazebo to add to the peaceful, natural look.

At Paradise Decks & Spas, we'll custom build your gazebo to fit your dream for your outdoor oasis in San Antonio. We can add screens, seating, lighting and grill options based on your vision. Contact us todayand let us know what you'd like to see for your gazebo.

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