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5 Games to Play in Your San Antonio Home Spa

Posted on April 5, 2018

Home Spa in San Antonio, TX

What's better than having a spa in your own San Antonio backyard? Spa games in your own San Antonio backyard!

One of the great things about having your own home spa is that it doesn't just have to be enjoyed alone. Sure, it's yours and it's a great way to destress after a hard day at work or school. But home spas are a great way to bring friends and family over to enjoy it with you. And while you're all here, why not play a few games? There are a number of games for friends or family that are made even more fun when played from spas. Here are a few of our favorites:

Don't Laugh

This is a game that can be enjoyed by any sort of party, whether it's a group of friends around the same age or the whole family. Form a circle on the inside edges of the spa. The traditional way to play is with "haha," "hoho" and "heehee." One person turns to the person on the right and says "haha." The next person turns to the one on their right and says "hoho," and that person turns to the one on their right and says "heehee." As ridiculous as it sounds, the goal is not to laugh. The first person who laughs loses. As punishment, they can take a drink (in a group of adults) or perhaps everyone in the spa can splash them.

But you can get creative with this game. Try to use the funniest voices possible when going around to trip up the person next to you. If you want to really challenge your friends, go around the circle telling jokes. This is an excellent spa game to play because even if you lose, it means you were having fun.

Water Balloons

There are a couple different games you can play with water balloons. One popular game is to separate the players in to two different teams, giving each a balloon. Hook the balloon onto the jets of the spa and watch the water fill the balloon until it's too full to hold it any more. Whichever team manages to get the biggest balloon before it pops wins the game. But that can be a little short lived. Another game you can play is a good old water balloon fight. Give teams a limited amount of time, say, one minute to fill up as many water balloons as possible. At the end of the minute, let the water balloons fly. Like a snowball fight, there doesn't need to be a clear winner. You can also fill up one water balloon and pass it around the spa playing hot potato.

Ping Pong Madness

This game may require ping pong balls, but it's more like dodgeball than ping pong. Here's how it works: start by dropping a few ping pong balls into the spa. As they start to move through the water, everyone in the spa must avoid touching any of the ping pong balls, while also keeping their feet grounded at the bottom of the spa. If you touch one of the ping pong balls, you're evicted from the game...but you also toss in another ping pong ball to make it a little harder for the rest of the players.

Another game you can play with ping pong balls does work more like actual ping pong but for spas. Separate the group into two teams and drop one ping pong ball into the spa. Your objective? Get the ping pong ball to the other team's wall without touching it. If you manage it, your team gets a point. Play until 10 points or make up your own system.


How full can a floating plastic cup get before it starts to sink? That's what you want to find out with this game. Once again, split the spa into two teams. Place an empty plastic cup in the spa face up. With another cup, each team takes turns pouring a little bit of water into the empty cup. Wait for the cup to settle, 3-5 seconds. If it stays afloat, it goes to the next team's turn. If it sinks, your team loses. You can make a drinking game for a group of adults, in which the losing team has to drink. For the family, you can have a rematch or exile the losing team from the spa (but let them come back eventually...it's all for fun, after all).

Musical Jets

Everyone knows how to play musical chairs, right? The music starts and you walk around in a circle. When the music ends, you sit, and if you don't have a chair, you're out. Musical jets works the same way, with the jets of your spa. Start a song and then have everyone walk around the home spa until the song ends. Anyone not sitting down against a jet loses and must leave the spa. With each new round, turn off one of the jets until finally you have one winner. 

Spas are a great opportunity for fun and games with your favorite people. Try any of these games or get creative and make up some of your own. What are some of your favorite games to play in your San Antonio spa?

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