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4 Reasons Why Hotel Guests Deserve a Great Spa

Posted on August 8, 2017

Hotel Spa in San Antonio, TX

4 Reasons Why Hotel Guests Deserve a Great Spa

Developing a hotel is no easy task and it can be hard to anticipate all the amenities that your guests will want and even those that they will expect. Of all the amenities that are likely to see the best positive reception by guests, a hotel spa in San Antonio is likely to be at the top of the list. We have just four of the many reasons why hotel developers should think seriously about the addition of a spa in any new lodging destination.

1. Guests Increasingly Expect Spa Amenities

Travelers who spend a lot of time on the road are accustomed to staying with different lodging providers and they tend to have specific expectations about the amenities and services that will be available; a spa is one of the expected features for travelers staying at hotels in particular. Even motel visitors may come to expect particular lodging brands to offer spa amenities; if you are a member of these brands or a direct competitor, then addressing this expectation will be important.

2. Guests Spend Time in Bars and Dining Areas After Enjoying the Spa

A hotel guest that is not tempted to spend time out of their room is unlikely to spend money at the bar or in the dining room. However, families and individual travelers who take time to enjoy the spa are more likely to find themselves in the location where these monetized amenities can be found.

3. Guests Will Enjoy the Relaxing Experience

From the guests' point of a view, a spa is a chance to relax and unwind. A spa is one of the top amenities looked for, along with features such as:

4. Spas Can Be Surprisingly Affordable to Maintain

While the initial cost of installing a spa might give some property managers pause, the relatively low maintenance costs makes up the difference. Your guests will be able to enjoy a relaxing spa for many years to come with only routine care from an experience pool service company.

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