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4 Creative Outdoor Fireplace Designs and Ideas

Posted on February 8, 2019

San Antonio Outdoor Fireplace

Including a fireplace in your outdoor space design is definitely something you should consider for your San Antonio home. Not only to they create an image of a warm and inviting space, making your outdoors cozy and comfortable, they also fit into virtually any design aesthetic. From modern and cutting-edge, to rustic or even medieval, fireplaces can fit into any outdoor living space. They also don’t have to be your typical fireplace. By incorporating some of these ideas (or some more of your own that we didn’t think of!) your fireplace will not only seamlessly incorporate itself into your home, it will become a feature you never knew how you lived without.

Fire and Water

One of the more unique ideas we’ve come across for outdoor fireplaces is placing one by your pool or hot tub. This juxtaposition of fire and water offers an interesting perspective to both the pool and the fireplace. Depending on your pool construction, placing the fireplace opposite your hot tub is an interesting contrast to have in your outdoor space. Having a fireplace by your pool creates an intriguing environment, especially during those cooler Texas nights. Being able to swim well into the evening, and then stepping out of the pool into the warmth of your fireplace is something that can be easily taken advantage of. It’s definitely something worth considering, and can be used as either the focus of your pool area, or just a nice addition to it.

Unique Shapes 

Another really great trend with outdoor fireplaces, is using them to create unique shapes and structures. Nothing says a fireplace has to be a square or rectangle at floor level. The dimensions and designs can easily be played with to make an interesting focal point of your living space. You can have a double-sided fireplace, with warmth emanating from both sides in the center of your outdoor space. You could also choose to create a circular fireplace, or one that is at eye-level when you are sitting down for a source of entertainment. There are many shapes to choose from - your imagination is your limit, and any design will add value to your space.

Convenient Storage

Don’t be afraid to use your fireplace for storage items as well. Some homeowners choose to incorporate the logs of your fireplace into the design itself. Stacks of wood look beautiful and also serve a practical purpose. The materials used to maintain the fireplace can also be stored within the unit itself, keeping those clean, modern lines some homeowners prefer. 

Full Integration

It is also a great choice to use your outdoor fireplace as you would one in an interior room of your home. There are some homeowners who prefer to create a brand-new living space outside, complete with a television, bar, and seating area. In cases such as this, don’t be afraid to have your fireplace be a part of that room design. It can be built within a structure - like a brick or stone cladding - that can be integrated into the design of the outdoor room. Some people even like to hang their television from the cladding and have the fireplace underneath, to warm them on those cooler nights. 

Getting Started

No matter what direction you go in regarding your fireplace design, know that we are here to help. Our team of designers is standing by to create the custom fireplace of your dreams that can become the focal point of your outdoor living space. If you would like more information on our design process, or would like to receive a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our easy online form, or by calling us at (210) 496 - 3325.

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