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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Gazebo

Posted March 20th, 2017

New gazebo San Antonio

Gazebos offer a comfortable, elegant way to enjoy the sub-tropical climate in San Antonio. Besides providing an effective shade barrier, these structures add dimension to any garden or outdoor space. If you have a gazebo, you probably appreciate everything it brings to your yard. If it is showing its age, though, you might need to build a new gazebo in San Antonio. Here are four signs it might be time to replace your structure.

1. Splintering Wood

Splintering wood is one of the earliest signs that a gazebo has reached the end of its life. Even if your gazebo had the best design and construction when it was new, its wood might eventually deteriorate. Splinters, of course, can turn even the most beautiful structure into a hazard. Even worse, if your wood has gone from splintering to rotting, your gazebo might be downright dangerous. If the quality of your wood is substandard, then, it might be time to build a new structure.

2. Dangerous Steps

Emergency rooms treat thousands of people each year for falls on steps. If your gazebo has perilous stairs, you might consider building a new gazebo in San Antonio. This is particularly true if your structure’s steps don’t comply with local building codes.

3. Small Size

Often homeowners build a small gazebo, fearing that constructing a larger one might take up too much space in the yard. Then, after they throw a few garden parties, homeowners realize they need a larger place to entertain. If yours is too small to accommodate your outdoor entertainment needs, it might be time to build a new one.

4. Outdated Style

Finally, if your gazebo does not match the style of your home, you might opt for a redesigned alternative. If you do, you can probably build a structure that complements your house’s overall design aesthetic.

If you notice one of these four signs, it is probably time to build a new gazebo in San Antonio. By working with a skilled deck building expert, you can design and construct the gazebo of your dreams.