3 Types of Deck Repairs You Might Need in San Antonio

Posted on June 29, 2018

San Antonio Deck Repair

Even the best San Antonio decks need a little touch-up now and then.

A good deck installed correctly can last for decades. It may even be durable enough to need repair less often than usual. But there's no way to avoid every disaster. Storms and debris still happen. Kids still get a little rough in their play. And even if it takes years, wear and tear will eventually take its toll. However, with a durable deck and a trustworthy deck contractor, deck repairs in San Antonio are possible with less stress.

Here are a few types of deck repairs you might need:

Replacing Boards

Natural wood decks are beautiful, but if not stained regularly, they can become warped or even rotted by storms and other adverse weather. Of course, some wood decks are tougher than others. Western red cedar is popular decking material for this reason, as well as exotic hardwoods. Another option is to choose composite decking that has the look of wood, but resists warping and water damage. 

In the meantime, though, you're still left with boards of your deck that need to be replaced. This might be one or two individual boards or a portion of your deck. With the help of a professional, you should be able to find boards that blend well with the rest of your deck. This repair is easy enough to pull off. However, if enough boards are damaged, it might make more sense to resurface.


When your deck's damage goes beyond a few odd boards, your old deck material just isn't strong enough, or your personal tastes have changed since your deck was installed, it might be time to resurface. Deck resurfacing is just what it sounds like: removing the old surface of your deck and installing a new surface. For instance, if you have a natural wood deck, you might choose to replace it with composite decking. Some homeowners choose to resurface even if their deck isn't damaged, as a way to add value to their home. A fresh deck will easily give them a competitive edge in the San Antonio housing market.

Cosmetic Repairs

If stains and scratches have started to appear on your deck, it might not be such a drastic problem that you need to have the boards replaced. Often, you can make simple cosmetic changes. Consider the type of decking material. If you have cedar decking, you can sand down to the end of any stains or scratches. Then simply re-stain that portion of the deck, and it's good as new. With exotic hardwoods like ipe, you may be able to pressure wash stains away.

Capped composite deck materials such as TimberTech are incredibly stain resistant, but dropping something heavy might cause a deep scratch. In this case, you can use a heat gun or clothing iron to melt the plastic and smooth the damage. If this doesn't work, you might have to replace the individual board.

Let Paradise Decks & Spas help you with your deck repairs. With over 10 years of experience, we're deck experts. We even offer financing so you can repair unexpected deck issues within your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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