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3 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Fireplace

Posted March 25th, 2017

San Antonio fireplace

Fireplaces offer a cozy way to heat your home. Besides producing the heat needed to take the chill off San Antonio’s winters, fireplaces have an enchanting look. They do not, however, last forever. If you notice your San Antonio fireplace is exhibiting certain warning signs, it might be time to replace your unit. If you notice one of the following three signs, you should contact a skilled fireplace contractor immediately.

1. Moisture

As you might suspect, fireplaces are generally supposed to be free from moisture. Sometimes, though, condensation can collect on the inside of a fireplace. While that is generally not a big deal, extra moisture from leaks or cracks can be. In fact, moisture can wreak havoc on a fireplace’s bricks, eventually causing them to deteriorate. As such, if you notice moisture, you should consider scheduling a fireplace inspection as soon as you can.

2. Leaning

If your San Antonio fireplace vents through a leaning chimney, you might have a very big problem. Generally, chimneys are supposed to be straight. Over time, though, materials that support them can weaken, causing the chimney to lean. If you notice any structural problems with your chimney, you probably need to replace it.

3. Unsightliness

Fireplaces have gone through several stylistic changes in the past 100 years. Some of these designs, of course, are timeless. Others, though, are almost hard to look at. If your fireplace is unattractive, it might be dating your entire house. Fortunately, installing a modern unit can improve the overall aesthetic of any home. Instead of putting up with an unsightly fireplace or trying temporary fixes to improve its appearance, you might consider replacing your outdated unit.

If you notice one of these three warning signs, it might be time to replace your San Antonio fireplace. Contact a skilled fireplace contractor for an inspection if you think your unit might have problems.